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Three-dimensional Modeling / Volume Rendering

Three-dimensional modeling

is a technique that is applied using a computer to create digital representations of three-dimensional forms, whether they are objects or spatial surfaces.

With this technique...

The designer is able to examine in depth the essential parameters and details of the construction. The three-dimensional Model: 1) is rotated by the operator in order to simultaneously examine all sides of the building/object and analyze its form. 2) Through it, all necessary information regarding dimensions, areas, and materials is obtained, and guide drawings can be printed in 2D and/or 3D format. These drawings are essential both during the construction process and during the assembly of different components of the project. 3) It allows the operator to print the model in its physical form using a 3D CNC printing machine (coming soon to our office).

This service...

It is relevant to: a) Fellow engineers and designers in the field of interior and exterior design. b) Skilled professionals in the construction industry, such as carpenters, ironworkers, etc. c) Individuals who desire innovative and unique objects tailored to their space.

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