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"Architechnio does not aim to lay claim to the essence of art, as implied by its name. It is the threshold that our team envisions to approach through research and study, bridging the principles of architectural heritage with contemporary and innovative creation."

About us

Founder of “Architechnio” is Konstantinos Mouzakitis, Architect, with a postgraduate degree in Architecture and Arts, a graduate of the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. “Architechnio” is based in the city of Corfu and has been operating since 2018.
From 2015 until today, Konstantinos has been collaborating with the Technical Office “Eco-ktirio Domein” and its founders, Ioannis Vlachos, Civil Engineer, and Tonya Vlachou, Architect. The team is completed by the permanent collaborator Eleni Ch., Tsona Mechanical Engineer
Our goal is to achieve the optimal result of aesthetics, functionality, and technical knowledge in every project we undertake. We believe that a prerequisite for a successful outcome is collective work and trained collaborators of different specialties related to the field of construction and building, so that a team capable of completing projects of high standards and design requirements is formed.

Our Team

Konstantinos S. Mouzakitis

Architect with a Master's degree in Architecture and the Arts from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom.


Tonia I. Vlachou

Architect with a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Thessaly.