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Photorealistic Rendering Service

3D Photorealism...

is the digital production of three-dimensional models that are represented in space as natural or artificial forms, simulating materials, textures, and lighting.

It facilitates...

the designer, the technician, and the client to fully understand and comprehend the space and form of an integrated project before its construction begins. This way, crucial decisions regarding the construction and aesthetics of the building can be made, minimizing costly errors in both time and money during the construction process.

It is addressed to...

to individuals, fellow engineers, professionals involved in construction as well as real estate and advertising agencies.

The following photorealism services are offered:

Comprehensive project visualization (interior and exterior) with natural lighting as well as artificial lighting options for different times of the day (lighting proposals). Interior space visualization including interior layout proposals and architectural design. Exterior space visualization and landscape design proposals for environmental configurations.

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