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Architecture is...

(In brief) The combination of art and science is a fundamental prerequisite for the design of small and large-scale forms that are reflected in space, as buildings and/or shaping of the environment. It is considered the mother of the arts and is an expression of culture throughout history.


We undertake projects...

At the level of study and construction: permanent residential buildings such as single-family and multi-family houses, temporary accommodation such as tourist hotels and non-hotel accommodations, commercial establishments such as health-related and non-health-related stores, as well as offices. In addition, we undertake renovations/reconstructions of existing buildings and design objects of small and large scale (industrial design – custom design).

More projects

Interior design, furniture design, lighting design, 3D modeling and photorealism, project implementation.


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Architectural Study - 3D Modeling - Photorealism - Building Permit Issuance - Construction

Villa Elaia

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Interior architecture - 3D modeling - Photorealism - Radical renovation (Study & Construction) - Lighting design - Decoration

Two-story Maisonette “Viaggio”

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(Architectural composition - 3D modeling - Photorealism)

Villa Αlba

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