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Villa Αlba

(Architectural composition - 3D modeling - Photorealism)


Villa "Αlba"

Process of completing a design project.

Villa Alba was designed by the Architectural Engineers Konstantinos S. Mouzakiti & Tonia I. Vlachou The rest of the project was supervised by a colleague Civil Engineer and client, with whom the above architectural team maintained excellent cooperation. The design process was divided into three phases. In the first phase: (A) initial designs were produced, capturing the synthetic ideas according to the applicable urban planning regulations and construction/static principles, (B) the cost of the construction intervention was approximately studied, and (C) the team reached the fundamental principles of the project. On the second phase, based on a detailed representation of the site and a comprehensive architectural composition of the project harmonized with the landscape, the 3D model was completed and thoroughly examined, including the building structure as a whole, the configurations of the surrounding area, and the massing in relation to shading and natural lighting throughout the year. In the third phase, the materials, textures, and colors were finalized, and the final photorealistic images were produced.

Perspective Photorealistic plans


This is a luxury Villa with a total area of 200m2, high specifications and amenities, situated on one of the most atmospheric islands of the Ionian Sea, Corfu. The property is located in the area of Agnitsini Sinion, in the municipality of Kassopaion, in the northeastern part of the complex. It is approximately 650 meters away from the coastline and is situated at an altitude of approximately 145 meters above sea level.

The plot is approximately 2.2 acres in size. It is inclined with a southeastern orientation and has an ideal view of the horizon where the three elements of nature, earth-sky-sea, meet. The construction project is a complex of Sustainable Architectural Design and Bioclimatic Philosophy, harmonized with the natural landscape that surrounds it and welcoming for the purpose it was created, which is living.

Natural stone, wood, concrete, and glass were creatively combined with the ultimate goal mentioned above. With the tenant as the main focus, the project as a whole was designed to respond to climatic conditions in order to achieve optimal thermal and visual comfort. However, special care was taken to ensure smooth traffic flow and the integration of all uses and amenities that constitute a self-contained and fully-functional residential unit.

The plot was formed into three dominant levels with different uses: residence and recreation in the core-approach of the property and parking space in the North – meeting the artificially shaped land with the natural landscape in the South.
At the core of the property, the building volume extends and is divided into two building structures at an angle, at the intersection of which the entrance is prominently projected.

Interior Photorealistic Renders

South-east of the building, a water surface with a useful area of 36.50m2 was provided, which corresponds to the geometry of the building and is integrated into the immediate surrounding space following the axes of the above building structures. Southwest of the building, an outdoor sitting area was created with a barbecue and bar, a meeting place for dining and entertainment under the shade of a tree, surrounded by planting of trees and aromatic plants.

Within the house, in the southwest volume, the communal functions are installed, specifically the living room, dining area, and kitchen, which are in continuous dialogue with the pool. Additionally, there are auxiliary spaces and toilets within the same area, as supplementary facilities for the common functions. North-east of the building extends the private area, specifically four spacious and bright bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Finally, one can enjoy the view from the accessible roof, which hosts activities of relaxation and leisure.


The development of the building’s facade towards the sea is interrupted by large openings that practically eliminate the border between the open/external and closed/internal space, allowing light to flow abundantly into the space and ensuring the tenant’s wide-angle visual escape. Perforated wooden shades (pergolas) frame large openings and gathering spaces, offering shade and coolness.

On the northern and northwest facades of the building, smaller openings were created in key positions that, in combination with the larger openings on the north and northeast facades, ensure natural ventilation and cooling of the building. The approach to the property is made from the North via a driveway that leads to an open parking area, in front of which extends a ramp, staircase, and elevator for transition to the intermediate level-core.

Below the water surface (pool), a space was created as a transition zone from the artificial to the natural environment. There, the resident can enjoy the sounds and smells of nature, getting closer to it.
The architectural composition of the project aims at comfortable living, warm hospitality, and a distinctive experience for the tenant.

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